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Port Moresby Customised Day Tour




Tour Options

                             8:30am                                         15:30pm

  • Duration: 4-6 hours (Mon to Fri only)

  • Age: Open

  • Locations: Port Moresby

  • Experiences: Culture, History & Nature

  • Your choice of any 3 - 4 activities from the six

       options available.

  • Air conditioned vehicle

  • Tour guide, driver and tour assistants

  • Prices vary with group size



8:30 am

Pick up

  • Pepeta tour staff will pick you up from your hotel.

  • Travel in an airconditioned vehicle with dedicated driver.

  • Stops one and two, to be any two options of your choosing from the list below. 

12:15 pm


  • Depending on the location of your chosen activities, we will stop for lunch at a modern cafe.

1:15 pm


  • Stops three and maybe four, depending on your choice.

15:30 pm

Tour end

  • After your day of sightseeing Port Moresby we will drop you back to your hotel.



Option 1.

National Museum & Art Gallery

  • Here you will explore PNG’s rich cultural diversity in both old and contemporary heritage.  The museum to date proudly claim to have well over 30,000 anthropological collections, more than 25,000 archaeological collections, more than 18,000 natural science collections, more than 20,000 war relics and more than 7000 contemporary art collections.

  • Estimated time: 1hr 30mins.

Option 2.

National Parliament House

  • Upon your arrival you will notice a magnificent building designed to reflect traditional architecture of Papua New Guinea and decorated with traditional carvings and art work to remind us of the rich cultural heritage of the hundreds of tribes that are united people and one nation. It is the home of the principles of democracy of Papua New Guinea.

  • Estimated time: 45 mins.

Option 3.

Moresby Nature Park

  • This is a must visit attraction and we will not miss this out for you. Driving to the northern end of Port Moresby’s famous Waigani drive, adjacent to the University of Papua New Guinea, there is a sense of tranquility and calmness when you enter.

  • The Nature Park is set in a well-maintained garden displaying both local and exotic plant species including native and hybrid orchids. Here you will come in close view of local native animals including cassowary, tree kangaroos, hornbills and a large aviary that houses Papua New Guinea’s rarest bird of paradise.

  • The trees may well be alive with fruit bats so hope you don’t mind the noise.

  • Estimated time: 1hr 30mins.

Option 4.

Bomana War Cemetery

  • Bomana war cemetery is considered to be the largest war cemetery in the Pacific.  Here rests 3779 graves. 3069 are known and 237 unknown Australians from the fighting in Papua New Guinea during WWII. It reminds us of the many sacrifices made by those who fought for our freedom. A short drive  of about 20-30 minutes outside of Port Moresby will take you here, depending on the traffic. 

  • Estimated time: 1hr 30mins.

Option 5.

Holiday Inn roadside Art and Craft

  • The Holiday inn roadside art and craft market is worth a visit to see some of the art work created by local artists. Traditional woven baskets originally from the Southern Highlands of Papua New Guinea is a common sight too. Their intricate colors, designs and assorted sizes for varied purposes will tempt you to take one home with you. 

  • Here you can also see local bilums or handbags hand knitted by local women. Their exquisite colors and designs are too pretty to ignore. Here is your opportunity to  talk to the owner of the craft and learn about the deigns and their love of making bilums.  Bilums have a traditional purpose, although in recent years they have become popular internationally and with celebrities! Paintings depicting local cultural diversity are also plentiful and you'll be undecided which one to take home with you. A great opportunity to learn about their love of painting and what inspires their work.

  • Estimated time: 30 - 40 mins.

Option 6.

Port Moresby Harbour side

  • This part of the city is new and very popular amongst the city residents and visitors alike. We will not miss this place! Either a grab for lunch or sunset drinks and a bite you will certainly enjoy this part of the city. 

  • This would be a perfect last stop for you to check out habour-side cafes , restaurants and bar for a local cold beer or beverage of choice. 

  • Estimated time: 1 hour: 30 minutes.

Travelling time between sites is generally less than 20 mins.



size       1            2           3         4-5        6-10
USD    $430      570      650      730         850

PGK    K1,530   2,040  2,320    2,580     2,850
AUD    $640         850     970    1,080     1,190
EUR     €410         550     630       710        800

Note: A customised tour can be organised for 10 or more. Contact Pepeta PNG team for tour cost.

What does the total price include?

Comfortable air conditioned vehicle with driver

2 X bottled water (500mL)

English speaking tour guide

Tour assistant depending on group size

All entry fees where required

What is not included?


Personal spending

Drinks (alcohol) 


(click on each)

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