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The sights, colour and sounds of the Mt Hagen Show followed by history, sightseeing and water activities in Rabaul as an optional tour for anyone interested.

Mt Hagen Show Only

SKU: HS120820
    • Duration: 6 days

    • Age: Open

    • Locations: Mt Hagen & Port Moresby

    • Experiences: Culture, Nature & History

    • 2 days Port Moresby (transit/overnights to catch flights)

    • 1 day travel Port Moresby to Mt Hagen

    • 3 days of cultural festivals at Mt Hagen

    • 1 day travel, Mount Hagen to Port Moresby

    • Price includes two domestic airfares

    Extended Rabaul Tour (Optional at additional cost)

    • 3 days extended Rabaul tour

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